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Summer Pack
Summer Pack

Summer Pack


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This pack includes:
  • Hydrating Renewal Cream
  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Lip Butter

 Yes, the biggest enemy of aging is the sun. If you’re caught out in the sun for too long this year, here is the answer to replenishing the skin. After rinsing in cold water, pat dry and spread a thin cool calming Hydrating Renewal Cream over the skin, with 14% certified active Manuka honey you will have instant relief, and your skin repairs quickly with minimal damage. The honey stimulates repair and regenerates healthy cells to replace damaged tissue. If you do anything for yourself this year, make sure you use Manuka Honey Hydrating Renewal Cream every day and night over summer. Safe for the whole family to use.



1 x Gentle Cleanser: A treatment cleanser for all skin types, including sensitive and damaged skin. A water-soluble cleanser and makeup remover that leaves the skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

1 x Hydrating Renewal Cream: Rich in raw certified active Manuka honey to hydrate, repair, calm and soothe the most troubled skin. This fine, creamy combination of Vitamin E, Jojoba, and essential oils, aids in regenerating cells and reducing superficial wrinkles.

1 x Preservative-free, delicious Lip Butter: A creamy, soft lip butter that is safe to use all day and will never dry your lips, excellent on most skin and lip disorders. Actively repairing lips from long, hot days and windburn. Prevent dry, cracked chaffed lips.

Why Manuka Honey?

All our products contain Certified Active Manuka Honey, a powerful natural ingredient that aids in long-lasting rehydration of the skin and is high in natural anti-bacterial/anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used by the Māori population for many centuries but has gained popularity in recent times due to its astounding ability to heal. Derived from the Manuka plant (Leptospermum Scoparium), it is native to New Zealand, and contains at least 70% Manuka pollen, making it far more potent than ordinary honey. If you’re looking for a natural remedy for your acne that is organic, plant-based, and most importantly gentle, Manuka Honey is a sweet solution. 

Manuka Skin products have invested in your skin journey. All skin disorders appear to have an irritating fungal disorder which is why so many products don’t work. Our chemists have been astonished at how quickly the skin repairs after Manuka Honey has been applied, combined with Manuka Oil and Australian Lemon-scented tea tree oil, our formulations can achieve amazing results. Our products contain the highest volumes of Manuka honey compared to any other products on the market, this is because we developed special formulations that have been able to maintain large, active amounts of Manuka Honey in a cream or cleanser that remain stable when produced. This research and development have led to the amazing results the products get in such a short amount of time.